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proposition one
scottish/uk/eu public tenders operating/issuing/supporting/etc totalitarianisms
prop 1 note 1st September 2014:
scottish local council ('local authority' terminology synonym (UK)) release work/tender invitation for web filtering moving from a reqmt for children and extending to adults and its organisation(s). Caveats.
props various notes:
local council and authorities and local (check national) press promoting surveillance cameras in public places (crime and control and catch defences used).
props various progressed
Instititutionals, viz: "we will tell you" Even though many on weak grounds (see already released or progressed read and contact us to buy services/products).
proposition 2
that with evidences (UK spanning two different styled govmts) that the governance has implemented or promoted t against the poorer less inherently defended
prop two note
older property eg vehicles / street public community furnishings humps gates surveillances etc / technological determinist public services
prop two note
that the legislatures have increased their remit and seek to extend their controls (extreme path of control) using preemptive media
prop 2 notes
lead in to prop 1 and prop 3 (unstated); that in order to exclude from economies the governances have toyed with/covet t
cont: specific areas examples (2014 pick-up 2015)
body cams - public tenders (log N. Scotland 2014) and t'isms 'servants' ; c-claim protection and record pursuets ; sig. risk public-public relationships / comm breakdowns
9 Jan 2015 ; Angus Council ( north east of scotland) awarded a contract for body cams to a 1/4 businesses called scottish communications from perth ( central scotland )
body cams
9 Jan 2015 : BBC News lunchtime two days running had warwick pundit (claim from their uni) making a case for
previous recent totalitarianisms
9 Jan 2015 ; totalitarianisms progress being developed or justified or leveraged
risks exist inclg currently
In ~1 wk, Wed 27 May 2015; the GB/UK Govmt will demand/ask/set-out HM (head of state):
read plans. It will be instructive to see whether the monarch/HM continues reading away (under'duty'/free will/process) degradation of GB/British peoples' liberties arising from (driven by) GB/UK/rUK political parties.
followg wip notes
02 Aug 2015
UK within last wk or so, Summer 2015, Scotland introduces further technological totalitarianisms to road(s) and bridge(s). This evidence adds to similar obs. northern england, Summer 2014. Also Summer 2015 secondary reports (BBC radio) of southern england
hindering movements of vehicles/people on roads. More widely in UK contd yr upon yr reports seem to be claimg public highways and roads are being obstructed (closed) on decisions taken by accident investigators.
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Hurry hurry and so on, whilst certain 'ideas' last. We'll do the work.
Notes: although totalitarianisms theories are anathema to democratic ideals theories from the UK, it is (it's) the practical political/ideological from inside UK govmtS or in its wings - and note well this isn't only from
politicians/parties/parliamentary houses - that actually spend away freedoms using masses of money (present or future projected/obligating) to further totalitarianisms. Recent (years, months, and weeks) S/UK/EU practical evidences [cont..]
[cont..] actually exist or were reported to support this, and we have explanations why.
Whereas our offers (from or for eg., UK/EU) are designed to deal with such whilst still acknowledging control (a term common for example, to/in engineering).
Note we first (more) explicitly published faults and ideas wrt. infrastructure flows, productivity, and economies at the end of 2014.
Some key elements of the UK govmt have also been made more aware, and of our business' urgent financing requests/avenues more generally within the last month or so. [end of wip entries 02 Aug 2015]
approx 21/22 historic entries shown above
(this entry 1st Aug 2016); And the re-release to counteract our wip (other work in progress).

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